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We Care for Animals

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Happy HOWL-idays!

Need a grrrrreat gift idea? Adopt a Mexican gray wolf for your someone special this holiday.

Our pack of sisters - Mitzi, Sarita, Nancita and Catori - have been at the Zoo since January of 2009. There are five subspecies of gray wolf, but the Mexican subspecies is noted for being the rarest and most genetically distinct.

When you adopt a Mexican gray wolf you'll be providing the best possible care for them and all the other animals that call Cleveland Metroparks Zoo "home."

The order date for holiday delivery has passed. Please be aware that we are making every effort to process orders, but your package may arrive after the holidays. If you have questions about your order please call (216) 661.6500, x4440.

Proud ZooParents will receive:

  • Personalized certificate of adoption
  • Fun fact sheet
  • Color photograph
  • An "Official ZooParent" collectible key chain
  • Name recognition on ClevelandZooSociety.org

Zoo animals are available for adoption at any giving level. Adoptions begin at the $50 level (basic benefits above) or upgrade your support to:

  • $75 level: all the above, a collectible plush wolf, and an invitation to ZooFriends' Night - an exclusive summer celebration at the Zoo (mailed separately)
  • $100 level: all the above, plus recognition on Zoo grounds and a ZooParent T-shirt or Zoo Society tote bag
  • $250 level: all the above, a plush wolf hat (children sizes only), plus the opportunity to enjoy one VIP experience at the Zoo (age restrictions may apply)
  • $500 level: all the above, plus the opportunity to enjoy two VIP experiences at the Zoo (age restrictions may apply)
  • $1,000 level: all the above, plus meet the keeper of your adopted animal