We Care for Animals

We Care for Animals

The very best quality of life for the animals in our care



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Proud Parent Honor Roll

Your loyal and enthusiastic support as a Zoo Parent is very important. Thank You!

Adopting an animal is a unique and rewarding way to make a difference for the animals at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and the Cleveland Zoological Society hopes that you are enjoying all the privileges of parenthood.


Burton & Mary Ellen Abel
Shawn Barnette
Annie Bartholomew
Sarah C. Bogen
Rosann Brastin
Mr. Michael Buckner
Gretchen L. Burmeister
Elena Cline
John De Coulo
John & Kathy Fraylick
Jacqueline Garvin
GE Foundation
John & Pat Giblin
Mr. & Mrs. Terrance J. Gorges
Catherine Grenig
Linda T. Harkins
Carol Herman
Richard & Stephanie Hiles
Mark F. Horansky
In memory of Randy Hudacek
In memory of Eunice & Frank Hudacek
Ken & Patti Jacko
Kerry Kipfstuhl
Lelsie Klug
Lisa Kucharski
Chris Kuhrt
Mr. Timothy M. Lavelle
Elizabeth A. Lucas
Jane Martin
Robert E. Maver Sr.
Rande McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. E. Timothy McDonel
Andrew Muller
Robert E. Murray & Jonathan Murray
Gary Nosky
Stephanie Osowski
Jamie O'Toole
Gayle JT Pauer
Dick & Barbara Payne
Jennifer Pollack
Progressive Co.
Hudson Ralph
Carl & Mary Ann Rispoli
Douglas Robie
Karl Robie
Rockwell International Corporation
Carleen Sadowski
Ellen L. Schneider
Ron Seith
Mr. & Mrs. Dan L. Sevic
Sara Sivko
Mr. & Mrs. Manfred Skalweit
Tom Skernivitz
Halle Sminchak
Larry & Shermane Smith
John Sobolewski
John Stickney
David & Cathy Thomas
Kevin D. Tolejko
Anita Toolis & Larry Torok
Alexa Tovanche
Debra Tromp
Diana Wigen
Karen Wilber
Katie Woodcock
Betty Wozniak

The Zoo Isn't Just for Kids!

The Zoo Isn't Just for Kids!

Along with VIP membership, we host a variety of exciting and fun adult-only evening events.

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