We Care for Animals

We Care for Animals

The very best quality of life for the animals in our care



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Proud Parent Honor Roll

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Adopting an animal is a unique and rewarding way to make a difference for the animals at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and the Cleveland Zoological Society hopes that you are enjoying all the privileges of parenthood.


Victoria Alexander
Lee Barry
Jim Bonham
Lauren Alexandra Breck
Mr. & Mrs. George Bucholz
Ellen June Cowher
Graeme Culbertson
Liam Cunningham
Cheryl Davies
Buddy Davis
Linda Davis
Dominion Resources Services, Inc.
Carol Farroni
Nancy Anne Fedak
Vickie Finney
John & Kathy Fraylick
Brandon & Corey Granby
Sienna & Cheyenne Hamm
Linda T. Harkins
Brendan Hearns
Kelsey Hearns
Paige R. Hiles
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Jorgensen
Barbara Lee Legan
Joanne E. Lorence
Connor, Emma, Abigail, Tommie, Isabella & Archer
Vicky McKinley
Gary M. Novotny
Michelle Orenick
Delaine A. Pavisich
Nicolas Peters
Joanne & Tiffany Plott
Mary L. Pollak
Karen & Don Rohde
Mr. & Mrs. Dan L. Sevic
Jeff & Betty Sigurdson
Tom Skernivitz
Meredith Sopko
Emma Strippy
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Tromp
Sarai S. Truitt
Al & Caryn Werman
Kirsten West
Karen WIlber
Richard & Mary Lynn Wills
Robert P. Wujcik
Kathy S. Wujcik
Beth Wunderlich
Dana Wunderlich

2011 Conservation Report

2011 Conservation Report

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cleveland Zoological Society take an interdisciplinary approach to Conservation

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