What We Do We Care for Animals

Thanks to generous We Care for Animals donors, the Zoo Society helps to support a broad range of important animal care needs, including veterinary care, healthy diet and exercise and innovative enrichment programs. 


This year, the We Care for Animals ZooFund will focus on animal care, in particular supporting a local foods initiative for the Zoo's animals. You know what it takes to feed your family, now imagine feeding more than 2,000 mouths! Did you know that the animals at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo eat more than 34 tons of produce a year And, that the Zoo spends more than $500,000 a year to purchase all the produce, hay and eucalyptus necessary to its hungry residents?

The Zoo animals' food must be fresh, pesticide-free and available in large quantities. While some of the food is very specific, such as eucalyptus for the koala, most of it would be familiar to any restaurant, home or farm: high-quality fruits and vegetables and plenty of hay. And, like many of us, Zoo animals are shifting to healthier diets, with more fresh greens, lower starch and fewer processed foods.

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