Sharing a Healthy Planet

Sharing a Healthy Planet

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Conservation Dogs

Conservation Dogs

The Anatolian shepherd is a Turkish livestock dog known for its dedication, intelligence and independence. A very large (males weigh up to 150 pounds), rugged, protective and powerful breed, they are unmatched guardians. Turkish women working in the fields used...

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Wildlife Conservation Projects

People, wildlife, and habitats are fundamentally connected and fostering positive relationships between them is the key to successful conservation. In order to be successful, wildlife conservation efforts must address the many and complex issues related to the long-term survival of wildlife and habitats.

Each year the Zoo and Zoo Society support more than 60 conservation projects around the world, confronting conservation challenges through direct action. The Zoo’s international conservation program operates in Africa, Asia and Latin America and targets the main challenges facing wildlife today, including habitat loss, conflict with humans, illegal hunting and trade, and disease.

The goals are protecting wildlife, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, and building conservation capacity where it is needed. The Zoo focuses efforts at the human-wildlife interface and works in collaboration with numerous international conservation partners. Working together we can protect the earth’s precious biodiversity.

Please Note: Some conservation partner websites that address poaching and wildlife trade can contain graphic animal images. Some of these images may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.