We Care for People

We Care for People

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Zoo Scholarships

The Zoo and Zoo Society are committed to being our region's foremost provider of informal science learning opportunities. The Zoo offers around thirty educational programs that serve students and visitors of all ages.


Goal: Remove barriers to Zoo education programs by providing free transportation to underserved schools.

Strategy: The Zoo owns and operates two school buses that transport students to the Zoo daily. Extend the reach of this program by offering grant-funded transportation vouchers to eligible schools.

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Connections to Africa

Goal: Reinforce STEM concepts K-8 while helping students to understand the complex relationship between humans and wildlife.

Strategy: Using specially designed toolkits, Zoo Educator stations and exhibit interpretives, teachers lead students through a scientific comparison of the habitat needs of people and wildlife in Africa and Ohio.

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Advanced Inquiry Program

Goal: Create lasting science teaching capacity within our schools, ultimately reaching thousands of students and introducing inquiry-based teaching in the classroom.

Strategy: In partnership with Miami University, provide graduate level courses in science (inquiry, sustainability, animal behavior, biomimicry, etc...) for area teachers.

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Summer Day Camp

Goal: Instill students with an interest in conservation and science in a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Strategy: Nine, week-long sessions are available to students age 5-14. Students participate in age appropriate activities, including arts and crafts, conservation challenges, tours and group discussion.

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Goal: Teach personal responsibility, teamwork, a sense of ethics and communication skills to area teenagers (age 13-17), helping prepare them for college and entrance into the workforce.

Strategy: Provide leadership training to teenagers actively engaged in science learning, project development and conservation activities.

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Career Day

Goal: Expose teenagers to a variety of Zoo careers rooted in science.

Strategy: Offer a series of career day events that provide area teens with the opportunity to interact with Zoo professionals and learn about the work going on "behind-the-scenes" at the Zoo.

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Online Resource Library

Goal: Connect Zoo visitors (students, teachers and families) with interactive online Zoo resources that enable the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Strategy: Provide one easy-to-access website with inquiry-based science lesson plans that address State of Ohio Academic Content Standards, a digital database of Zoo animal photos and videos and supplemental materials to be used with the Zoo’s distance learning program.

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Professor Wylde's Animal Show

Goal: Connect students with wildlife, while reinforcing that everyone can make a difference when it comes to wildlife and wild places.

Strategy: Provide an entertaining and educational theatrical program, which includes live, trained animals, to empower the audience to take conservation action.

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