Board of Trustees

The role of the Cleveland Zoological Society’s Board of Trustees is to promote Cleveland Metroparks Zoo as a funding priority in our community; encourage Zoo leadership and the community to dream boldly; and, help secure private donations to help fund Zoo innovation and excellence. The Cleveland Zoological Society is an independent, nonprofit 501 (c)3 corporation governed by the Board and managed by the Executive Director.

Virginia D. Benjamin, Immediate Past President **
Theodore Evans, Jr. **
James Francis, President **
Lydia Harrington **
Chris Kuhar, Executive Director **
   Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Thomas N. Littman **
Margaret Ratner, Vice President **
Robert J. Rogers, Chairman * **
Michael Vaughn **

Loree Connors **
Elizabeth Fowler, Executive Director **
   Cleveland Zoological Society
Eric Hall, Treasurer **
Justin R. Horton, Secretary **
Thomas Leiden, Vice President **
Shelly Peet **
Robert S. Reitman, Chairman Emeritus **
Lauren Spilman * **

Scott T. Berlin
Marilyn K. Brown *
George S. Coakley *
James P. Even
Gretchen Farrell
Thomas Fistek
Margaret Fulton-Mueller
Joseph D. Hatina
Edward W. Hill
Daniel Klimas
Joseph J. Mahovlic *
Hugh E. McKay
Allen Mistysyn
Greg P. Mulach
Gregg G. Muresan
Christopher Nagel
Brian M. O'Neill
Michelle Pierre-Farid
Jacob I. Rosenbaum *
Mary Kay Schneider
Ethan E. Spencer
Nancy Tanis *
Iris J. Vail *
Gregory K. Gale

Muffy Boland
Amy Casner
Charles R. Emrick, Jr. *
Sally Everett *
Robert U. Fein
Gregory D. Friedman *
Carol Hall *
Nicole Hilbert
Lisa Hunt
Matthew P. LoPiccolo
Randall E. Marcus, M.D.
Sally Messinger
Ki Mixon
Patrick S. Mullin *
Christine Myeroff
Daniel J. O'Loughlin *
Anthony R. Petruzzi
Allyn J. Pytel
John Rupert
Robert E. Soroka
Billie Steffee *
Thomas N. Tyrrell
Daniel R. Warren

* Life Trustee
** Executive Committee

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The Zoo Isn't Just for Kids!

The Zoo Isn't Just for Kids!

Along with VIP membership, we host a variety of exciting and fun adult-only evening events.

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