Coming in 2018: Asian Highlands


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo began construction on a new and exciting exhibit in August 2017 - Asian Highlands.

Though half a world away, the mountainous areas of Asia share a similar climate and landscape with Northeast Ohio. Forests, hilly backdrops and variable temperatures define the region. The Zoo is already home to several species native to such terrain: visitor’s favorite red panda and snow leopard, and the Amur leopard. All three species will call Asian Highlands’ home in June 2018. The Zoo will also introduce a new species, takin, to Cleveland.


Takin are a species of goat-antelope native to the eastern Himalayas. With a short stocky body, thick fur and stout horns, takin can look like a mix between an ox, antelope and mountain goat. Takin are considered vulnerable in the wild due to habitat loss. This will be the first time takin are at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.


Artist's concept of Asian Highlands with snow leopard; drawing provided by CLR

Asian Highlands will be located along the outer pathway of Wilderness Trek. The multiple habitat yards will capitalize on vertical space, including overhead tunnels for snow leopards, climbing poles and tree “nests” for red panda, and rocky outcrops that allow high vantage points. A wider, more organic pathway will lead guests through the area as the animals walk over and around, similar to the integrated spaces in Rosebrough Tiger Passage. 

These species are endangered in the wild - the Amur leopard, critically endangered - and the Zoo has conservation partnerships in place to help secure a future for them in the wild. Seeing these animals in spacious, naturalistic habitats will drive home the importance of protecting wildlife and wild habitats across the globe.

Asian Highlands is scheduled to open Summer 2018. 
Watch this page and email for periodic updates, or contact us for more information.

Watch a fly-through video of the Asian Highlands design; video provided by Cleveland Metroparks

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