More than half of Asia’s 90 species of tortoises and freshwater turtles are endangered. A founding partner of the Asian Turtle Program, the Zoo works to prevent the illegal trade of endangered species for food and commercial use and studies species threatened with extinction.


The challenge

Nearly 1/3 of all freshwater turtle and tortoise species are found in Asia and are threatened by large-scale, unsustainable trade for sale in food markets and traditional medicine.

What we're doing

The primary goal of the Asian Turtle Program (ATP) is to safeguard globally threatened tortoise and freshwater turtle species in Indochina. Working in collaboration with Indo-Myanmar Conservation and Education for Nature - Vietnam (ENV), the ATP implements strategic interventions that directly contribute to the conservation of Asian turtles in the region.

ATP and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's Future for Wildlife program work together to protect Asian turtles by:

  • Addressing poaching and illegal trade
  • Building conservation capacity and awareness in Vietnam
  • Conducting science-based conservation efforts
  • Training students, wildlife protection officers and rangers

How you can help

Join our efforts to secure a future for Asian turtles.

  • Make a donation toward Asian turtle conservation at the top of this page.
  • Never buy protected wildlife, products made from them or their parts, or support vendors who sell them.


Dr. Mike Selig, one of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's veterinarians, traveled to Vietnam to provide hands-on training and teaching at ATP and ENV-Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

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