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Adopt an Animal Program

The Zoo and Zoo Society are proud supporters of conservation efforts in Africa, Asia and Latin America and work with partners in more than two dozen countries. Each of the animals listed below can be found right here at your Zoo. Your symbolic adoption supports the highest standard of care for the animal ambassadors at the Zoo and demonstrates a passion for their counterparts in the wild.

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Featured Adopt an Amur Leopard Amur Leopard Amur Leopard
Featured Adopt a Red Panda Red Panda Red Panda
Featured Adopt a Snow Leopard Snow Leopard Snow Leopard
Adopt an Andean Bear Andean Bear Andean Bear
Adopt a Cheetah Cheetah   Cheetah
Adopt a Gharial Gharial Gharial
Adopt a Giraffe Giraffe Giraffe
Adopt a Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla
Adopt an Orangutan Orangutan Orangutan
Adopt a Pygmy Slow Loris Pygmy Slow Loris Pygmy Slow Loris
Adopt a Rhinoceros Rhinoceros Rhinoceros
Adopt a Ring-tailed Lemur Ring-tailed Lemur Ring-tailed Lemur
Adopt a Sloth Bear Sloth Bear Sloth Bear
Adopt a Spotted Pond Turtle Spotted Pond Turtle Spotted Pond Turtle

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