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Tails & Cocktails Speaker Series
New in 2019

In its inaugural year, the Tails & Cocktails Speaker Series provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Guests will hear experts from the Zoo and the Northeast Ohio community discussing a variety of topics impacting health and welfare, wildlife conservation and science education. 

Event dates

All events will begin at 6 p.m. at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

  • March 20: Gut Reaction
    What we eat – and how it’s processed during digestion – has an impact on health. Learn how Zoo scientists are working with animal diets and studying the bacterial fermentation process to improve animal welfare and health, and how we can apply these findings to human health. 

  • May 15: Giraffe on the Move
    What does it take to reverse the trend of declining giraffe populations in the wild? Hear from an expert in the field, a local conservation champion, as well as Cleveland staff members who helped relocate a herd of giraffe to more secure lands in Africa.

  • July 24: Conservation Education at Work
    The principals of STEM education are seen everywhere these days in schools throughout the nation. We’ll connect the dots between STEM and conservation, focusing on the importance of leadership skill building and inquiry-based learning for students of all ages.

  • September 26: The Future of Veterinary Technology
    From cardiac ultrasounds on gorillas to thermal imagery helping care for elephants, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is a leader in utilizing cutting-edge technology and research to improve animal welfare and health. Hear the latest from the Zoo’s team - from the surgical rooms to the endocrinology lab - and the connection between animal and human health.  

Ticket Availability

Discounted Tickets: 

  • All Zoo members qualify for discounted tickets ($10) to the Tails & Cocktails Speaker Series.

Public Tickets:

  •  General admission tickets are $15.

Complimentary Tickets:

  • Members and donors at certain ZooKeepers Circle or Adopt an Animal levels will receive complimentary tickets to the series. Call our Member & Donor Services Staff at (216) 635-3329 for questions or details.

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