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Anyone can be an advocate for wildlife conservation. Whether it's signing a petition, contacting your local legislators, or starting a recycling program at school, every step helps us fulfill our mission - inspiring personal responsibility for conserving the natural world. Here are some ways to get started.

Buy a Stamp to Save Species

Please consider writing Ohio Senators Rob Portman (R) and Sherrod Brown (D) in support of legislation to reauthorize the Save Vanishing Species semipostal stamp.

Bipartisan legislation (H.R. 1247/S. 480) has been introduced to reauthorize the Save Vanishing Species semipostal stamp, which helps save tigers, rhinos, great apes, elephants and marine turtles. Sales of the stamp have generated $3 million for the Multinational Species Conservation Funds (MSCF) to date – at no cost to taxpayers. The Fund is used to support programs that sustain wildlife populations, protect essential habitat and combat threats of illegal poaching.

Click the links below for letter templates you can print and fill out. Return your letter to the Membership Booth at the Zoo and we will mail them!

Take a Stand for Elephants

More than 35,000 African elephants are killed each year for their tusks. That's almost 100 elephants each day! Elephants are being poached at unprecedented levels to supply this illegal trade. Read more and become an elephant advocate at 96 Elephants.

Take Time to Contact your Legislator

Wildlife trafficking threatens species around the world and is consuming animals at an alarming rate. Elephants, tigers, rhinos, sharks and many others are in danger of disappearing in our lifetime. Our politicians can make a difference by supporting bills that protect wildlife and wild places.  

How to contact your legislators:

Secure a Future for Wildlife

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has been working to protect wildlife around the world for more than 20 years. To read more about the Zoo's current conservation partners and projects visit their Future for Wildlife site.

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