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Circle of Wildlife Carousel

The Circle of Wildlife Carousel features 64 beautiful, hand-carved animals created by Mansfield, Ohio-based Carousel Works. Guests have a hard time choosing a favorite figure as they walk the carousel perimeter and see colorful animals such as an elephant, tiger, gorilla, scarlet macaw, meerkat and more.

“The carousel adds an entirely new dimension to the guest experience the Zoo offers. We know it will be the perfect place for family members of multiple generations to visit and create memories for years to come,” said Zoo Executive Director Dr. Chris Kuhar.

The animal figures are grouped together on the carousel according to their natural environment, including African grassland, tropical forest and tundra. The carousel company also created eight custom animals that don’t appear on any other carousel it has built, including an Anatolian shepherd, lynx, cardinal tetra (a species of fish), ocelot, ring-tailed lemur, loris, emperor penguin and fossa.

Nature Discovery Ridge

Nature Discovery Ridge

Nature Discovery Ridge engages children’s imaginations and inspires them to come out and play through the use of wild habitats and natural elements like rocks, water and trees. Kids explore, climb, and best of all, have fun reconnecting with nature and letting their imaginations run wild. 

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