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Rosebrough Tiger Passage

The Zoo’s Amur tigers now have 24-hour access to 15,500 square feet of varied, enriching space. Rosebrough Tiger Passage, which opened in 2016, is five times the size of the old tiger habitat and includes four interconnected habitats the cats can choose to explore. The varied habitats also allow proper space for a breeding pair and cubs.

Rosebrough Tiger Passage features shallow pools and streams for the water-loving cats to find relief on a hot day. Heated rocks – for tigers and visitors – provide a place to warm up during cold Cleveland winters. Two overhead pathways for the cats, perhaps the habitat's most dynamic feature, deliver breathtaking views of the tigers and creatively use vertical climbing space.

“Anyone with a house cat will recognize the feline preference for high perspectives. Climbing not only demonstrates the staggering agility of these large cats, but also gives the cats an additional activity to increase muscle development,” said Travis Vineyard, Curator of Animals.

The Cleveland Zoological Society committed $2.5 million toward the exhibit’s $4.1 million total cost, including a naming level gift from Northeast Ohio philanthropists Carol and Walt Rosebrough.

“Zoos have a very important and special role in a community,” said Walt Rosebrough. “Zoos educate the community about animals and demonstrate the importance of conservation. Our Zoo is not only giving world-class care to the animals we see in Cleveland, but is also working hard to keep animals thriving throughout the world.”

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