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Veterinary Care

Supporting world-class animal care

Sophisticated diagnostic equipment, professional training and ongoing research projects are central to understanding and solving complex issues of individual animal health and well-being as well as species survival. 

With help from the Zoo Society and its donors, tools such as these will make a difference in the lives of zoo animals – today and for years to come:

  • Cardiac ultrasound (Surgitron - Dual Frequency RF/120 Device): An important tool for cutting and cauterizing during surgical procedures.
  • Lab animal anesthetic machine: Allows our vets toprovide better anesthetic control of larger species.
  • Updated blood pressure monitor: Essential for intraprocedure monitoring of blood values, including blood gases during anesthesia.

The Cleveland community is known for medical innovation and delivering quality healthcare.

Donate to the Zoo Society today to support the veterinary team and continue world-class animal care at your Zoo.

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