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Can't fly south for spring break?

Let a flock of the Zoo's tropical birds inspire you for your spring staycation.



Chilean flamingos live in and around alkaline or brackish water, but they can't drink it to survive. Instead, these flamingos will drink from springs, puddles, and can even absorb rainfall through their feathers. See them in the Welcome Plaza.


Rainbow lorikeet

These birds spend up to 70% of their day feeding on nectar from tropical flowers. See them in Australian Adventure.


Green aracari

The green aracari is a toucan with a forest green back, wings and tail. It is a forest bird that usually doesn't stay in flocks. Find one in The RainForest.


Roseate spoonbill

Spoonbills are social and are always found among other spoonbills and wading birds. When they migrate, they fly in long diagonal lines with their legs and necks completely outstretched. Find them in The RainForest.


Blue fronted Amazon parrot

These parrots show great variation in their markings and colors, making each individual unique.


Scarlet macaw

The scarlet macaw can eat toxic fruits that would kill other animals. It is believed they can do this because they also eat large amounts of clay, which may neutralize the toxins.


Sulphur-crested cockatoo

These cockatoos are native to Australia and can number in the hundreds in one single flock, however they can be found in New Zealand if they’ve accidentally been released or blown off course.

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