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Fun with Flamingos


For the month of April, we asked our social media followers to help us caption this photo of our Chilean flamingos. Here's how our some of you got creative:

"Hey! When did you get back from Florida? I just love being a 'snowbird!' " - Sandy Hendricks

"Hey Helen did you about Joan's new son. He was born with pink feathers. Bad!" - Jayne Erb

"Are you from Parma too??" - Janice Kaminski Hitsman

"Save me a little bit, will ya!" - Raymond P Balyer Sr.

"You tickle me pink" - Kath Haber

Flamingo 1:"ED!I told you to take out the garbage! " Flamingo 2: "I'll DO IT, Louise! No need to crink your neck at me!" - Sara Kirkpatrick

"I think I swallowed a bug, can you see it? Get it out!" - Michael Tomlin-Brenner

"Don't give me any of your lip, I stuck my neck out for you!" - Stew Scamad

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