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Eight summer experiences not to miss

Coming to the Zoo this spring or summer? Here are eight experiences to check out during your next visit!

Your Zoo is open 363 days a year, but Cleveland weather means some experiences aren't open during the winter. So we get extra excited in the spring when some of our favorite Zoo activies open back up for the spring and summer seasons. These experiences are open daily now, weather permitting. Ask a Zoo employee when you arrive what is open that day.

And if you're a member, consider the new Total Experience option for members. You can receive unlimited admission and discounted tickets to many Zoo experiences for the entire season. Learn more here.


Australian Adventure

1) Boomerang Train: Take a ride through Wallaby Walkout and see marsupials closer than anyone else! The ride also offers a peek into the night yards at African Elephant Crossing, where the elephants can choose to sleep outside.

2) Contact Yard: Meet some of the Zoo's Australian farm animals in the big red barn, like goats! And yes, you can pet them.

3) Lorikeet Feeding: Visit lorikeet lane and see the small colorful birds fly right over year head. Nectar is available for purchase at select times.

4) Yagga Tree: A fan favorite, the Yagga Tree is great for kids wanting to explore Australian Adventure from up high. The tree has a snake themed slide and a bridge over water. (Look for an unexpected visitor in the stream!)

5) Camel Rides: The camels are back for the season! Take a ride this summer and notice the hump that stores fat the camels need for energy.


African Savanna

6) Giraffe Feeding: Visit the Ben Gogolick Giraffe Encounter and see giraffe from their height! Lettuce leaves are available for purchase at select times.

7) Circle of Wildlife Carousel: Each animal on the Carousel was hand-carved by a master craftsman. Better get working if you want to ride every single one.

8) 4-D Theater: Get fully-immersed in the 4-D Theater! This summer's shows are Thomas & Friends 4-D: Bubbling Boilers and BBC Shark: A 4-D Experience.

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