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Do the elephants and the ducks get along that are in the same exhibit? I saw some ducks swimming right by the elephant. — Dan and Kelly Monroe

Yes! At African Elephant Crossing and other Zoo areas where you can see different species sharing an area, the animals do get along and aren’t at risk to each other.


“Animals like ducks and elephants don’t compete for any resources, so there is no reason for conflict between them,” says Chris Peterson, Associate Curator of Animals who oversees African Elephant Crossing.

Occasionally the elephants make their way into the wading pools at African Elephant Crossing, but when they do the ducks hit the skies and find another part of the habitat or Zoo to enjoy.

There are a few other places around the Zoo where you can see species sharing a habitat. White backed vultures can be seen with zebras, bontebok and giraffe in Africa. Wallaroos and red kangaroos share the space near the Boomerang Train in Australia. And at Wolf Lodge you can see gray wolves, beavers, fish and turtles.

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