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Photo finish: Baby Lulu and More


“Photography is just a great escape for me,” says Zoo Society member Brynda Ivan.

“At that moment when I’m shooting, I’m very present and not thinking about anything else around me. I’m with the animals and paying attention to the lighting, the background, the scene in front of me and not thinking about the rest of the world.”

An avid hobbyist and occasional freelancer, Brynda said she has a favorite animal and image every time she visits, but admits she does seek out the babies. This photo of Lulu was from the first or second day she was outside.

She suggests coming to the Zoo right at opening, to not only get active animals but to get the best glimpse of the babies before the crowds file in. One of her next visits will include another stop at Asian Highlands to catch the snow leopard cubs. “I’m so excited to see what Asian Highlands will be like in the winter.”


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