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Photo Finish: Focus on the eyes

A quarterly feature, Photo Finish highlights pictures taken by Zoo Society members.


Whether it’s a sullen glare from a gorilla or a playful expression from a mandrill, longtime Zoo Society member and photographer Jim Carey has some advice for his fellow shooters: “Make sure the eyes are in focus; that’s what people will look at first. Eyes are very important in a picture - they set the mood.”

Carey should know. A member of Cleveland Photographic Society and the Chagrin Valley Camera Club, he comes to the Zoo often and shoots hundreds of images each trip. (“Yesterday I took 600 pictures,” he said during a recent visit.)

But as any avid photographer can tell you, from those hundreds comes only a handful of strong images and editing is helpful in finding them. After reviewing (and deleting some of) his batch of the day, Carey is careful during the processing, cropping and editing of each image.


“I think you can take and make a picture,” says Carey. “Sometimes you nail it and you know it. Other times you might find a picture within a picture when you’re editing or cropping.”

The Zoo is one of Carey’s favorite places to make a picture. “You can create a picture at the Zoo in any time of weather. There’s not a bad time to come.”

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