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Since 1998, the Zoo Society has provided $30 million in funding for the Zoo's capital improvement projects. The total project cost for Asian Highlands was $5.8 million and was jointly funded by Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Cleveland Zoological Society, which provided $3.8 million. We are thrilled to hear how excited guest are after passing through one of the Zoo's newest habitats.


Photo courtesy of Nanette Patrick, Zoo member

Located in Wilderness Trek just beyond Rosebrough Tiger Passage, Asian Highlands includes four leopard yards connected by overhead tunnels that pass right over the heads of guests. The leopards have the choice to move outdoors or indoors, as well as between the yards. Climbing poles (that are 20-feet tall!), cooling caves and high vantage points keep the cats comfortable and engaged — and provide interesting views for guests.

“Like Rosebrough Tiger Passage, with the canopy of the habitat fully enclosed with mesh, we provide so much more valuable space to a species like leopards,” said Animal Curator Travis Vineyard. “They have 24-hour access, and they can get up high and get that superior perspective that will make them feel very comfortable with their habitat.”

Zoo visitors have ample viewing of the meshed-in yards from a path that winds through the habitat, as well as large glass panels inside the conservation building. To enter Asian Highlands, guests pass through circular stone “moon gates” at the two entrances, and the leopards are able to walk over these same moon gates.

The moon gates are just one of several design elements that evoke the diverse character and culture of Asia. The continent is home to many nationalities, societies, and ethnic groups. The subregions are home to Amur and snow leopards, takin and red panda include varied habitats and cultures. Asian Highlands signage and educational programming conveys information about the natural habitats of these animals and conservation work in these areas.

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