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Species Spotlight: In like a...

... Lion!

As winter thaws into spring (slowly, but surely), we are reminded of the folklore: “If March comes in like a lion, it’ll come out like a lamb.” Regardless of the forecast, the Zoo’s lion pride reigns near the entrance every day.


Doc, Nala and Serena

The Zoo has three regal lions — five-year-old male Doc and females Nala and Serena. In the wild, lions live in prides that range from three to 30 individuals, with the male serving as the pride’s protector and the females doing most of the hunting and caring for cubs. Lions are the most social of big cats, with lionesses even using teamwork to hunt. Our favorite fact? A male lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away! So listen for Doc’s roar as you walk in from the parking lot, and be sure to visit him and the pride in March, or any month of the year.

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