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Photo finish: Kay David

For decades, Kay David ran in-house photography and art departments for Cleveland companies – from major corporations like Ernst & Young and Premier Industrial to small businesses. With a degree in fine art photography and graphics from Cleveland Institute of Art, David speaks the language of photo shoots, photo subjects and equipment and led teams to produce high-quality visuals and print products.

But not until she retired did she rediscover the true joy she found in photography.

“Once I stopped working full time I came back to my photography. I put that personal photography aside for many years when it was my day job,” said David.

Now the longtime Zoo member finds inspiration in her new “day job” as a Zoo volunteer and docent. David loves animals and says she grew up coming to the Zoo. When she retired, she joined the volunteer program and now is enjoying learning and connecting with guests to teach them about the animals in Cleveland.

Her main tips for photographing at the Zoo are to be patient and wait.

“You’re not necessarily going to find something every time you’re there,” David says. Also, “Don’t be afraid of bad weather – just because we don’t like being out in it, doesn’t mean the animals mind.”

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