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Surprising facts about Zoo babies!

The Zoo has been lucky enough to experience multiple animal births within the past year. Snow leopards, rhinos, giraffe, reindeer and sloth bear babies have all been welcomed into the Zoo family.

Of course all Zoo babies are unique, but they possess some interesting traits that differ from mature animals of their kind. These are some surprising facts about Zoo babies:

  • Baby giraffe can stand and even run within an hour after birth.
  • Baby sloth bears often ride on the backs of their moms as a common mode of transport.
  • Baby rhino are born without horns. (Makes them a lot less intimidating and a lot more adorable, right?)
  • Reindeer are born with jet black fur to act as camouflage and to absorb radiant heat from the sun.
  • Flamingos are grey at birth and slowly become their well-known pink color due to all the shrimp that they eat.
  • Otter pups are born with their eyes closed and cannot swim within the first couple weeks.

Your Zoo most recently witnessed the birth of a male giraffe calf, born April 15, 2019. The calf was born weighing approximately 101 pounds and standing about six feet tall. Another birth happened at the start of the year and the Zoo welcomed its first sloth bear cub in 30 years, Shala. Last summer, the Zoo welcomed it’s second Eastern black rhino calf of the year. This was mom, Inge’s fifth calf and she is the grandmother to Lulu, the other baby rhino born in 2018.

Besides being overwhelmingly cute and adorable, any babies at the Zoo are incredibly important to the overall existence of the species. Many of the Zoo’s new babies are part of an endangered species and successful breeding is a huge victory in the fight to keep them around in the wild.

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