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Bald eagle is our national bird

Visitors to Wilderness Trek are often impressed by the up-close viewing of a bald eagle in the aviary across from the beaver pond.


“Wild eagle populations across the country have rebounded well, and zoos can now shift focus from breeding for reintroduction to providing lifelong care to birds,” said Zoo Curator of Animals Travis Vineyard.

The Zoo’s bald eagle arrived in 2016 from Nature’s Nursery in Whitehouse, Ohio. He was born in the wild but sustained a wing injury and can no longer fly. Since bald eagles are carnivores that have to fly and fish to catch their meals, wing injuries are serious problems. Without the ability to fly, he can not be reintroduced to the wild.


“We are pleased that we can provide a home for this eagle,” said Vineyard, “and also that he will help give our guests an up-close view of one of North American’s largest raptors.”

The bald eagle is both the national bird and national animal of the United States, and is proudly on our country's seal.

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