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Photo Finish: Big cats and more

Photos by Nanette Patrick

A new quarterly feature, Photo Finish, highlights pictures taken by Zoo Society members.

“I love cats. Big cats, little cats. I love animals, period, but especially cats,” says 20-year member Nanette Patrick. An avid Zoo visitor ("I come whenever I feel like it but at least once a month!"), Nan has taken tens of thousands of photos of Zoo animals through the years.

Nan has been a member since 1998 and says she can easily take 200 pictures of the same animal on a visit. She spends hours editing and storing her photos at home - looking for photos that are clear and in focus (which can be tricky when shooting through mesh netting), as well as "the action or the uniqueness of how the animal looks."

Her love of animals began early, and she worked at a boarding kennel for decades before she retired. Now, Nan spends time with animals at the Zoo, and says visiting in winter when there are fewer crowd and the animals are more active is her favorite.


Nan's photo of the Zoo's lion pride was featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Z Magazine

"The lions are always the first animals I look at, then I try to decide my path - up to tigers and bears, or up the hill to snow leopards," says Nan. "And I'm so happy the snow leopards are going to get a bigger place," she says about the upcoming opening of Asian Highlands.

Nan's tips for getting the best photo of those big cats or your favorite animal include shielding your camera from sun glare and getting the lens as close to the glass as possible to avoid reflection.

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