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How do you get the animals to listen to your training?

How do you safely take care of the dangerous animals at the Zoo?

Animal Spotlight: Persian Onagers

Persian onagers are an important species to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. There are only 450-600 Persian onagers left in the entire world and we have three in Cleveland. Learn more about onagers and what we're doing to help them in zoos and in the wild.

Ask the Expert: Why do lions roar?

Just like humans, one of the ways animals communicate with each other is through a variety of sounds.

Happy Halloween! (Meerkats and a pumpkin)

We love watching the Zoo's animals enjoy enrichment every day, and Halloween is no exception. The meerkat mob got in the holiday mood with a pumpkin full of mealworms.

Assassin Bugs at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

The RainForest has colonies of insects from all over the world, but none with a name as deadly as the assassin bug. This predator insect can shoot venom from its eyes to stun other insects on the forest and jungle floors of South America. They then use their proboscis – a long, skinny appendage that comes out from the top middle of the assassin bug’s head – to stab their victim and extract juices from their bodies.

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