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2018 Giraffe Research Study Update at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Have you seen a staff member or volunteer studying the giraffe at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo? You're watching science in action! Check out this video for an update on our giraffe research study to see what we're learning about the way our giraffe use their habitat.

Twilight at the Zoo presented by KeyBank 2018

Tickets are on sale now!

Five things you may not know about Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's meerkats

How do you get the animals to listen to your training?

How do you safely take care of the dangerous animals at the Zoo?

Animal Spotlight: Persian Onagers

Persian onagers are an important species to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. There are only 450-600 Persian onagers left in the entire world and we have three in Cleveland. Learn more about onagers and what we're doing to help them in zoos and in the wild.

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